Cask Marque Report 2016

Cask Marque Report 2016

It’s that time of again of year again and we have to thank Cask Marque and Sophie Atherton for conducting all the research that gone into the Cask Marque Report 2016. For another consecutive year, the sale of real ale or more recently known as craft beer has grown. In 2015 it was predicted that cask ale will account for 20%. Currently all on-trade beer sales is currently on track to reach this target.

In the Cask Marque report 2016 the number of pubs and bars seeing the opportunity in Craft and Cask beer with a significant increase up to 72% of pubs now being able to dispense. Importantly 82% state that their cask and craft sales are growing. Meaning the Cask ale side of on-trade ale is now worth a whopping £1.7 Billion. This is an increase of 6.3% in the last 5 years.  With a growth of how much cask ale is worth to a pub or bar of 22% to £546.61. This is over £5,000 annually.

For cask to reach the industries target of having 20% of on-trade beer sales by 2020 we need to encourage bars and pubs to serve Cask or Craft beer. We should be positive that over the last 12 months that 6 pubs per week less than 2015 have been closing down and an extra £5000 per week to a pub could prevent even more closing.

How can pubs, bars and even their customers such as cask ale and craft beer drinkers help, well social media has been huge in helping advertise pubs, bars and the variety of beer and ales available. In the Cask Marque Report 2016 it states that the top three cask conversation topics on licencee’s social media have started because of customers have initiated the social media message.

Staff have reasonable knowledge of the beers and ales that are on offer. 94% of cask ale sales begin by discussing the available options of ale and craft beers on the bar. 67% of all drinkers feel that the staff should know the ins and outs of each beer available on the bar. Among cask ale drinkers it’s as high as 86%. With 45% of drinkers believing staff should be trained  to dispense, condition and prepare ale. One of the most popular ways of encouraging the customer to purchase a cask or craft drink is by offering them a sample.  This can help relax the customer when making choices.

Cask Marque Report 2016 has obtained figures of customers that find staff will engage them with cask conversation. 50% of cask drinker will return where as 24% of any alcoholic drinks will return. 46% will recommend the pub to others. If a craft or ale drinker has been recommended to a particular pub they are 57% more likely to visit.

Cask Marque and Harry Mason would recommend using the phrase Craft Beer. Most cask ales are craft beer so don’t be afraid to use it. It’s a good way to brand your real ales and catch attention. The reason people are drawn to craft beer is because they believe that it is locally brewed. It is trendy and fashionable and  maintains a traditional look.

In 2016 the number of breweries increased again, this year there are 1900 breweries which is an increase of around 200 which means the pubs and bars have at least another 200 craft beers or real ales available for their customers to try.

Harry Mason Ltd is keen to help pubs and bars decrease the amount of ullage, yield or wastage. There are a few simple things that can help both reduce wastage and improve the quality of beer. On average UK cellars are operating at too warmer temperatures. Around 4 days per year, 33% of pythons (tubing from the cellar to the pump) haven’t got enough water circulating. This can make inconsistent temperatures and affect the amount of froth the beer creates when dispensed. The British bar and pub trade can improve their yield by around 2% on average. This represents £11 million missed profit opportunities achieved by improving cellar practices and pouring techniques.

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