Shakespeare and Gas Needs

The Shakespeare Hand Pull

Let me introduce you to our Patented revolutionary new unit the Shakespeare Hand Pull.  Designed to break from tradition and change the way real ale is dispensed whilst saving you precious beer and money. From the outside the Shakespeare looks just like a traditional hand pull however if you remove the front cover you see the difference. The Shakespeare Cylinderless Hand pull unit is a cylinderless unit.  It replicates the traditional hand pull through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve.  It looks, reacts and feels just like a traditional hand pull delivering Cask Marque approved beer time and time again.

Shakespeare Workings

It operates through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve.  This replicates the traditional motion of a hand pull.  A pump assisted line is perfect for The Shakespeare Hand Pull.  When using the Shakespeare Hand Pull it doesn’t draw the beer from the cellar by using a piston cylinder. Furthermore the Shakespeare is capable of controlling the PSI or BAR pressure and doesn’t require the use of a check valve.  You can dispense your Craft Beer or Ale with a tradition action and look of a hand pull.

Shakespeare Advantages

Optional extras include an override switch. This gives the facility to turn the unit into a free flow system. As are result this is perfect for cleaning purposes. Consequently this means no more repetitive pulling the handle to line your beer lines. To increase the life span of the cask up to a week you need to put a CO2 blanket pressure. This means you need to stop normal air accessing the cask to apply co2 top pressure. As a result it increases the life span 3-4 days to a week.

However the real beauty of the Shakespeare is the reduction in wastage during line cleaning.  As the Shakespeare has no cylinder no beer is stored in the unit. We estimate that you could save you around 1/4 pint of beer every week. No wonder it’s starting to be a popular choice with our customers. It is industry practice to clean all your beer lines once a week. This stops the build-up of  residue that can potentially affect your beer and dispense unit. If you clean your lines every week with a normal traditional unit you will probably be wasting ¼ or ½ pint. If a pint of real ale is £3.00 in your bar or pub then its ¼ pint value is £0.75 and ½ pint value is £1.50. In addition we estimate that by using the Shakespeare Hand Pull you could save around £39.00 for ¼ pint cylinder. 1/2 pint is round £78.00 every year – which we think is pretty good!!

Finally because there is no cylinder, additional re-circulation cooling is not necessary.


If you are new to purchasing gas or C02 we would recommend visiting and looking at the list of gas suppliers in the cellar/dispense category.  Not buying a gas or C02 cylinder from a reputable supplier can have disastrous result. A gas cylinder recently exploded as the canister didn’t meet the regulations. The image on this page shows the aftermath. As you can see it has taken out the corner of the exterior walls to the pub. Hopefully it hasn’t damaged the structure of the building.

Important things to look out for include: –

Make sure there hasn’t been an attempt to replace a supplier’s brand label on the cylinder.
Check the cylinder is correctly identified with either C02 or mixed gas.
Check the cylinder has a valve guard correctly fitted.
In additional a visible product traceability label should be present.
Make sure there is no damage to the coloured plastic test date ring fitted under the cylinder valve.
You have been supplied with a current material safety data sheet.
If there is any evidence of tampering – this could consist of grinding marks or any other obvious damage.

Finally, if you are suspicious about a gas cylinder please ring the BFBI Gas Hotline 01902 795 743

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