Preparing for a Summer of Beer Festivals

It may come as no surprise to see that beer is back in a big way in Britain. Other drinks are booming, sure – gin, wine and whisky among them – but nothing quite captures the spirit of the nation in quite the same way as beer. That probably explains the explosion in the number of beer festivals and events across the UK.

It used to be the way that beer festivals were synonymous with German events such as Oktoberfest, with Brits travelling abroad to experience the world’s largest beer festival, but now the Brits have firmly established themselves once again as a culture of celebrating all things beer. Whether it’s porter, stout, cider or good old fashioned ale, beer is definitely top of the list.

The largest British festival is the appropriately named Great British Beer Festival (GBBF), held in Olympia, London, over five days in August (and this year marks its 40th year). Expect about 50,000 people and mile upon mile of not just British, but American and European craft ales to boot. However, they’re not all as epic in scale as GBBF.

From Falmouth to the Highlands, there are beer festivals everywhere, each one celebrating local craft beers and breweries in marquees or large, indoor venues with crowds sometimes in just hundreds.  In the month of May alone there are 15 events listed on the Campaign for Real Ale’s website.  In fact, there are even many pop-up beer stalls at general country events – small tents or stalls that are pushing the best of local ales.

That means, a lot of places are going to need the right kind of kit. If you were setting up your own beer festival, what exactly would you need in addition to suppliers and, naturally, beer?

Well, that’s what we specialise in. Depending on your festival budget, we’ve several products that would be ideal.  Our Six Firkin Barrel Racking is the ideal bit of kit for a beer festival. Not only can you display your casks for everyone to see, but the racking is designed to allow plenty of space for tubes and taps. It also comes in a smaller size if space was at a premium.

You’re also going to need something to pull your beer. We have plenty of hand-pulls, from a single unit that suits tiny budgets, all the way through to much larger six-pull units. All of these can be configured in numerous ways to suit your event, and come in different finishes too. Finally, all the bits in between the cask and getting the beer into the glass, such as the tubing and cooling equipment (very important on a hot day).

It can be a bit confusing at first, so if you’re looking to set yourself up for a beer festival for the summer ahead, get in touch with us today or visit our Beer Festival collection and we’ll make sure your event – or at least your beer – flows smoothly.


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