Marketing of Craft Beer

Marketing Craft Beer

The appeal of  Craft Beer is expanding at a great rate.  Today breweries are having to think of more and more imaginative and inventive ways of marketing craft beer. In America it is estimated that there is a Brewery is opening every single day.  So just imagine what is happening world wide. It is crucial that when a new brewery starts they make sure their business plan covers Branding and Marketing Craft Beer.

The Brand of your company is how your customers perceive it. Its crucial your customers have a great customer experience with your new brewery. You can improve the Brewery’s Brand image by your logo, packaging, web site and everything that could possibly influence your customers.

The position of your business is crucial because it’s what your business stands for. There are 3 main questions that you need to answer.

  1. What is your Brewery Passionate about? This is obviously beer, but it could also include natural ingredients
  2. For Whom are your achievements for? Why are you running this brewery, why do you want to achieve success and awards.
  3. Why are you different from your competition (Not better, different)? What sets your brewery apart from others.

Fulfilling these questions and acting upon them can help you stand out from the heavily populated industry. These questions could be answered like so 1. A certain Hops 2. Your achievements are for the area from where the Hops are from to increase popularity and finally 3. You are different to your competitors because your beer contains this certain Hop.

The Internet

Marketing on the internet is the most important method used today. A well designed website and effective social media are needed to offer customers a smooth experience. Social media is the most effective way of reaching and being able to interact with a large audience without leaving your brewery.

Social Media Tactics

To make a strong and solid foundation breweries try and create a good relationship with the surround area and population. You want these people to become your loyal customers and supporters. You want to be able to rely on these people. There natural support for local business will come out, however if you show you ingredients are all sourced locally showing your commitment to your local area this will help your local community.

Harry Mason Ltd uses well known social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However Blogging is becoming more and more important. It gives you the ability to discuss different topics with your followers and customers that social media posts don’t achieve.


Facebook – We recommend that you interact with your audience and encourage,  a couple of the best methods include asking questions to create comments and likes.

Twitter – Because Twitter is a more one to one communication method you have to be sure to respond to everyone, plus ask for re-tweets also @usernames is the best method of getting exposure. Twitter courtesy is to re-tweet a tweet that mentions you which all their followers get to see. # is crucial with appear in feeds of people that are searching.

Instagram – This is a fast growing method of Social Media Networking. Hash tagging is the crucial so you can appear on non followers feed like such as Twitter. Video Stories are a great way of sharing short clips of your daily routine. Finally make you pictures really standout with the use of filters.

Especially important is timing.  It is recommended that you post in the morning, that way you are in the feeds of your followers no matter what time they go onto their Social media sites.

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