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Molson Coors & Sharp’s Brewery

In this Case Study we look at the new designed Doom Bar Handle and fitting them to the Shakespeare and Aston Hand Pull. Molson Coors purchased Sharp’s Brewery in Cornwall in 2011. Since then Doom Bar has become a firm customer favourite with sales rocketing. In 2016 a new ‘Doom Bar’ handle was designed to help the brand get noticed in a pub or bar. Molson Coors history can be traced back to 1774, they have spent centuries defining brewing greatness. With a presence in communities all over the world, they are able to capture the local flavour and spirit of each region and share that with their drinkers.

Molson Coors originate from Montreal in Canada. Ever since they have been leading the industry forward, Adolph Coors found the water source in the Clear Creek at the foot of the Rocky Mountains which is now used for Coors light over 105 years ago. In 2002 Coors crossed the Atlantic Ocean and acquired Bass Brewers in Burton-Upon-Avon in England, Bass Brewers is the second largest brewer in the UK and 3 years later 2005 Molson and Coors merged.


Doom Bar Handle

Doom Bar Handle

The Doom Bar Handle has been designed with promoting Doom Bar by standing out on the bar with the colours and shape of the handle. However when the Doom Bar Handle was designed they unfortunately didn’t cater for assembling on multiple different designs and manufactures of beer pumps.


The Solution

When Molson Coors approached us to see if we could solve the problem, we set up a meeting with their representatives and our technical team.  As a result of the meeting we agreed to re-machine the top knob to fit our current length handle rod and to change a few other components.

The Result

Molson Coors now have a fully interchangeable branded handle which fits a large range of hand pulls.doombar-shakespeare

“When I found out we had a problem with the Doom Bar handles I turned straight to Mason’s who I knew could solve it for me.”
Ian Slack - CTS Asset Care Engineer

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