Flexible Ale Extractor

This Case study is going to discuss the design and manufacture of the Flexible Ale Extractor and what features such as multiple filtration stages when the ale is drawn the cask.

About Marston’s

Marston’s have been running pubs and brewing beer in one form or another for over 180 years. Now they have 13,000 employees and many more in partnership and they all share their passion!

Marston’s are now one of the country’s top pub businesses and the leading brewer of premium cask and bottled beers. They operate five breweries producing over 60 of the country’s best loved ales at our sites in: Burton on Trent (Marston’s), Oxfordshire (Wychwood & Brakspear), Cumbria (Jennings), Hampshire (Ringwood) and the West Midlands (Banks’s).

The Problem

Marston’s were currently a vertical system that was currently working well. However with the continuing growth of the Marston’s FastCask in some many different Marston’s breweries and brand. The current extractor system that Marston’s were using had a mess filter on the inlet, which causes a problem to the yeast gel beads because it tries to draw them through the filter which is causing damage to the filter and effects the performance of the extractor in the long term.

The Flexible Ale Extractor

The Solution was the we designed and manufactured the Flexible Ale Extractor, we made specific efforts to improve the functionality of the filtration of the ale during dispense, we introduced a two stage filtration, stage 1 is the holes formation of the inlet on the Harry Mason Float, it has 24 x 2mm holes which has been calculated to not starve the silicon tube connecting the float to the outlet, however the 2mm holes are smaller than size of the yeast beads in the FastCask. The second stage is a hop filter which does a finer filtration to prevent any sediment being dispensed into the glass.

In Conclusion

Marston’s have managed to prevent any continual damage to their extractor systems and are maintaining the filtration process within the line of the beer being dispensed. This helps maintain the reputation of Marston’s beer they have gained over the last 180 years.

Because they are manufacturers and have an on site machine shop anything is possible
Jim Bligh - Trade Quality Controller

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