The Customer

Marston’s have been running pubs and brewing beer in one form or another for over 180 years. Now they have 13,000 employees and many more in partnership and they all share their passion!

Marston’s are now one of the country’s top pub businesses and the leading brewer of premium cask and bottled beers. They operate five breweries producing over 60 of the country’s best loved ales at our sites in: Burton on Trent (Marston’s), Oxfordshire (Wychwood & Brakspear), Cumbria (Jennings), Hampshire (Ringwood) and the West Midlands (Banks’s).

The Problem

Marston’s own a huge number of pubs (approximately 1,700) and one of their biggest problems is wastage of beer or ullage. With every clean of the lines (which is recommended at least once per week) it was estimated that they were wasting approximately a quarter of a pint with each hand pull. They were also using traditional cask taps to dispense the beer from a horizontal barrel and due to the angle of the taps within the barrel this was wasting on average 2 pints a time.


The Answer

After discussions, our solution was to recommend the ‘Shakespeare’ dispense unit. This revolutionary new hand pull is cylinder-less and replicates the traditional motion of a hand pull through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve. It looks, reacts and feels just like a traditional hand pull and as Marston’s already use gas assistance in the form of a G56 pump no check valve was required. As there is no cylinder the main benefit is the massive savings on wastage during line cleaning.

We also started to supply Marston’s with our Flexible Ale Extractor. It is simple to use, requires low maintenance, eliminates the need for racking systems and reduces handling time. The Flexible Extractor float system ensures that the beer is always drawn from the surface giving you a clear pint every time.


In Conclusion

The results are very impressive and we are pleased to confirm that Marston’s are very happy with the results. Marston’s understand the need for quality beer, after all this is what draws new and keeps loyal customers. With that in mind they religiously clean their lines once per week – based on this they are saving an estimated ¼ of a pint per pull on every clean. As well as the saving during line cleaning, the pub dispenses approximately 2-3 Firkin size barrels each week and since using our Flexible Ale Extractor they are now able to dispense approximately an extra 4-6 pints a week.


"We are were interested in reducing our Cask wastage so we turned to Harry Mason knowing their product range can help us maximise profits"
Jim Bligh - Trade Quality Controller

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