How much wastage do you get with a Flexible Ale Extractor?

We received a question from a Chris Wright asking how much Ullage or Wastage should he expect to see when using a Flexible Ale Extractor instead of his current method of a Cask Tap.

We expect that you should be able to dispense around 68 pints of beer from a firkin or 9 Gallon with a traditional Cask Tap. However with the Flexible Ale Extractor you should be able to dispense around 70-71 pints from a firkin or 9 gallon cask.

To get the most from your Cask we recommend you follow these steps: –

  1. Upon arrival leave Cask enough time to settle
  2. Tap the barrel correctly (watch the Video here)
  3. Following Tapping leave enough time to settle
  4. Vent correctly (watch the Video here)
  5. Finally Dispense your beer with a smooth action careful not to over agitate


How do I reduce my Ullage or Beer Wastage?

There are numerous different reason why you can be suffering from agitation when dispensing beer either watch the video or check out the bullet points below.

  • Make sure your pull the Pump handle with a smooth action not to over agitated the beer within the cylinder itself
  • Using the correct sparkler so not to over agitate
  • Cellar temperature needs to be 10 degrees celsius
My New Shakespeare Unit is Hard to Pull

We were sent a Question in from Amanda which we hear a lot is that my Shakespeare Beer Pump is difficult to pull.

As you can see from the above video, the functionality of the Shakespeare is completely different to a traditional beer pump, the reason for this is that you are apply a pressure to you beer which will in turn force its way through the unit. Consequently in the On/ Off Valve the spring holding the valve shut needs to strong enough to hold this pressure, in turn this means that when you try and pull beer, you need to extend the damper which compresses the strong spring which opens the On/Off Valve.

The slower the stroke means the longer the valve can remain open the more beer you can dispense.


Handle keeps on snapping back

Make sure you are venting you barrel. 

If you are using the lay down method of dispense you are using either, Hard and soft pegs, Cask breather otherwise known as an autovent or a C02 Barrel Spigot

If you are using the Upright method of dispense make sure you have your mini ball valve open or your bleeding nut in the open position

Kink in the line

Make sure your line has no serve bends. 

What thread are my Cask Taps?

There are 3 main threads of Cask Taps, there is L thread which is an abbreviation for London which is common in the South East of England, there is Y thread which is an abbreviation for Yorkshire which is common in the County of Yorkshire in England and finally there is 3/4 BSP which stands for British Standard Pitch.

If you don’t  know which thread your Cask Taps are it should state it on the the thread of the tap near the handle of the tap

Cask Taps Thread

The beer keeps draining down the pipes?

There are couple new possibilities for this happening. All of them are pretty simple.

Firstly we need to make sure that we are all washer or seals and jubilee clips or hose clips are correctly fitted to prevent air being able to access the beer line. Letting the air enter the beer line replaces the beer with in the line with air. The beer in the line is under a vacuum pressure and the air accessing the beer line allows it to flow back down to the cellar.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Shipping Worldwide

We are proud to say that our website has the facility to cost up shipping products internationally, it does not matter if you are in the USA or New Zealand or anywhere in between our website will calculate the carriage.

If you can have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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