4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet

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  • Traditional styling
  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance

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Product Info

4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet

The traditional look of the wooden cabinet hasn’t changed for over 100 years however in 2017 we created 4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet. We have a catalogue from 1903 which has pictures of the traditional look of  a wooden cabinet but with technology of today. 4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet which is still built and manufactured in the same way.


Harry Mason Ltd is continually striving to push technology and improve on the experience and performance for it’s customers. 4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet revolutionises traditional dispense.  It replicates the traditional hand pull through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve.  It looks, reacts and feels just like a traditional hand pull delivering Cask Marque approved beer time and time again.  The Shakespeare needs to be pump assisted and no check valve is required. As well as being easy to install and maintain the biggest benefit is the massive savings on ullage (wastage) during line cleaning. Finally because there is no cylinder, additional re-circulation cooling is not necessary.

Installation & Fitting

Installation is the same as any keg product as it uses a standard beer line and gas pump. The unit has three components, all of which are quickly and easily replaced in trade if required.

The on/ off valve  on the Shakespeare controls the beer flow from the cellar. The cellar PSI pressure supply to the beer line should be between 18 – 25 PSI or 1.24 –  1.72 BAR.


When ordering your 4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet be sure to check out over 1,500 different styles and finishes across the range. As with all our hand pulls the final specification is down to the customers own choice.  We have over 20 different handles to choose from including white, black, cream and hunting scene.  We also stock a wooden ‘truncheon’ with brass or chrome rings.  As well as a wide choice of handles the Aston also has 10 different finishes to choose from including Antique Brass and Copper.

Flow Control Valve

The 4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet has the flow control valve which carefully controls the flows of the beer. When the flow control is fully open and the handle pulled correctly*  it can dispense 1/2 pint in one stroke. The setting of the control knob and the speed the handle is pulled can also restrict/slow the flow of beer.

‘More Haste – Less Speed’

*The 4 Pull Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Engine Cabinet requires a change in mentality when operating.  If the handle is pulled too quickly it can take up to 8 strokes to pour a pint.  The faster you pull on the handle the slower the pump will function.  Therefore the slower the stroke – the faster the pint is dispensed. Finally the Shakespeare hand Pull can be set to your preferred number of pulls per pint – from 2 to 5


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