7 Pull Harry Mason Beer Engine Cabinet

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Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • Cylinder replacement in matter of minutes
  • Self contained water jacket
  • Traditional size handle and ferrule
  • 1,500 different styles and finishes
  • Solid wooden plinths
  • 3 Year warranty

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Product Info

The 7 Pull Harry Mason Beer Engine Cabinet

The traditional wooden cabinet hasn’t changed for over 100 years. We have a catalogue from 1903 with pictures of the traditional 7 Pull Harry Mason Beer Engine Cabinet which is still built and manufactured in the same way. In 2017 we changed the design to incorporate the needs of the 21st century, we introduced the new Aston Cylinder which is a our best performing cylinder ever designed.


The Aston Cylinder has a 1/4 pint cylinder and self-contained water jacket. It comes with an Energised Non Return Valve which prevents the beer from flowing back down the line. This eliminates the possibility of cross contamination. We mount the cylinder in the unit frame which helps the Installation and Fitting of the 4 Pull Harry Mason Beer Engine Cabinet. The cabinet comes with a traditional swan neck tap but other styles are available. There are over 1,500  different finishes including variations of brass and wood finishes.

Installation & Fitting

The new design of the Harry Mason Beer Engine Cabinet  is so easy to install and maintain. The Aston Cylinders mounts on a dispense unit frame which means future maintenance is quick and easy.  The installation is easy because unlike previous designs the dispense unit is not mounted on the back board.  This means the wooden frame surrounds the dispense unit. To connect the dispense unit simply slide a Hose Clip onto the end of the beer line and position it on the bottom of the Hose Tail.  This is then connected to the Aston Cylinder.


When ordering your 7 Pull Harry Mason Wooden Beer Engine Cabinet be sure to check out over 1,500 different styles and finishes across the range. As with all our hand pulls the final specification is down to the customers own choice.  We have over 20 different handles to choose from including white, black, cream and hunting scene.  We also stock a wooden ‘truncheon’ with brass or chrome rings.  As well as a wide choice of handles the Aston also has 10 different finishes to choose from including Antique Brass and Copper.

Watch the Aston Cylinder in action

Check out our video below showing the Aston Hand Pull reaching 500,000 pulls.  If you use 2 Firkins (9 gallons) per week on a single beer pump, then this is the equivalent of just over 16 years usage!



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