Flexible Ale Extractor Y Thread – Firkin


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Key Features

  • Allows upright dispense
  • Low maintenance
  • Float stays submerged
  • Comes with 2 Ale extractor bodies
  • Hop Filter included
  • Handy ‘Ale Extractor Indicator’ line

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Product Info
Product Info

Flexible Ale Extractor Y Thread Firkin

A Flexible Ale Extractor Y Thread Firkin is an easy way of extracting your ale from the cask.  The Flexible Ale Extractor has a silicon tube and a flotation device.  With the inlet inserted into the barrel, the float sits at the desired angle just below the surface of the beer. As a result of the Flexible Extractor float system, the beer is always drawn from the surface.  This helps to give you a clear pint every time.

Our Flexible Ale Extractor Y Thread Firkin comes as standard with 2 bodies (sometimes known as collars and broaches).  Having a spare allows you to tap the next barrel well in advance. When the previous barrel has been emptied, open up the next body (which has been pre-tapped into the next cask) and lower through the extractor or siphon through. Consequently this removes a considerable amount of waiting time for the beer to be primed.

Our Extractors are simple to use, require low maintenance, eliminate the need for racking systems and as a result reduce handling time. All our Extractors are available as both singles and doubles, in all threads and for all barrel sizes.

Contents include

Each Flexible Ale Extractor kit includes:

Two Flexible Ale Extractor Bodies with blanking plugs

Silicon Tube (Firkin) – Tube length is critical to performance.  Check you are ordering the correct size for your barrel.

Mason’s Float

Standard Hop Filter

Non Return Valve

1 x L & Y Thread x 1/2″ Tail

1 x Y Thread Nut

Single Beer Outlet Complete


Useful information

It is important to select the correct thread and tube length when ordering your equipment.  We recommend you visit our FAQ’s for further information.

Washers and Hop Filters need to be in place for the Flexible Ale Extractor to work efficiently.

Watch how it’s done

For information and guidance regarding tapping and installation please watch our videos: –

How to install a flexible ale extractor





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