Straight Plastic Cask Tap 3/4 Thread


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Key Features

  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Made from food safe material
  • Smooth opening and closing action
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Product Info
Product Info

Straight Plastic Cask Tap 3/4 Thread

A plastic cask tap is an easy method of dispensing beer and ale from a cask or barrel. The Single or Straight Plastic Cask Tap 3/4 Thread operates with smooth opening and closing action together with a simple twist of the handle. This is a 3/4 Thread version and is made from hard wearing, durable, food-safe grade material.


To fit your cask tap first place it in position (with the tap in the closed position) above the keystone.  Then using a Rubber Mallet carefully knock the cask tap through the keystone until it breaks through.  You need to make sure that it has been knocked far enough in so it holds its self securely in place. The tapered design of the tap makes sure that a seal is made.  This is then kept in place by the keystone.

When you are ready to draw from your cask, ensure that the white handle tap is in the ‘inline’ position. When you are ready to finish dispensing simply return to the ‘across’ position.  This will then ensure the tap is in the closed position.


Regular cleaning is essential.  As well as promoting good hygiene, it also helps prolong life and performance. We recommend using one of our Cask Tap Brushes for a thorough clean.

Useful Information

All of our plastic cask taps are available in ‘L’ thread, ‘Y’ thread and 3/4 BSP.  All of our cask taps are also available as both singles or doubles.

Please be sure to select the correct thread when ordering.  You can see where the thread is indicated on the picture above – we recommend that you visit our FAQ’s for further information.


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