Hop Filters

Hop Filters have a few different names. They are sometimes known as Top Hat filters due to it's shape and Fly Eye filters because of how they look. We sell both standard and 3/4 BSP versions and they are available in bags of 10 and bags of 100 - both at great prices.
Further information Hop Filters are a necessity in the beer line from the cask to the dispense unit. To fit the Hop Filter simply fit on the end of the Hose Tail. This is visible inside the Cask Nut or Burr and provides filtration during the flow of the beer. Large amounts of residue are prevented from being dispensed into the glass. The Hop Filter is made from 316 Stainless Steel Mesh.  It is formed into a dome shape and moulded with rubber material around the edge. Finally the Hop Filters sits on the hose tail and creates an airtight join between the tail and the outlet. Preventing air accessing the beer line is crucial because a dispense unit, hand pull or beer pump would draw the air because it is easier than liquid.

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