Cask Tap Complete L Thread

A plastic cask tap complete L Thread is an easy method of dispensing beer and ale from a cask or barrel. Traditionally the cask or barrel is laid on its side and tapped with a cask tap. The plastic cask tap will be assembled and delivered 'complete to you'.  It will come fitted with a hop filter, nut and either a 1/2'', 3/8'' or 5/8'' tail. Finally all our taps are stock items and usually available for immediate dispatch.

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We are continually improving the ways in which you dispense your Craft Beers and Ales. Check out our range of cellar equipment. We have everything you need for serving and dispensing craft ale and beer in your establishment. Stock includes Flexible Ale Extractors, Cask taps, Auto vents and more. In addition we are continually looking at ways of improving our current products and strive to introduce new ones. Recent additions include the Flexible Ale Extractor, the cylinder-less ‘Shakespeare Hand Pull’ and finally our newest addition the Aston Hand Pull. META - Harry Mason cask tap complete L thread. Great prices and assembled and delivered complete. Comes fitted with a hop filter, nut and tail.

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