Dispense Cask Taps

Check out our range of Dispense Cask Taps. Available in 3/4 BSP, 'L' & 'Y' thread and supplied complete with a 70 degree turndown spout, hop filter and nut.

Further information

A plastic dispense cask tap is an easy method of dispensing beer and ale from a cask or barrel. Traditionally the cask or barrel is laid on its side and tapped with a cask tap. The plastic cask tap will be assembled and delivered 'complete to you'.  It will come complete fitted with a 70 degree stainless steel turndown spout, hop filter and nut.  The plastic cask tap complete operates with smooth opening and closing action and this is achieved by using a simple twist of the handle. In addition all our taps are available in 3/4BSP, L Thread and Y Thread. Finally all our cask taps are made from hard wearing, durable, food safe grade material. All our taps are stock items and consequently available for immediate dispatch.

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